Connect Alexa Echo Dot to Wi Fi (Free)

Complete User Guide Instruction to Connect Echo to Wi Fi 

Echo configuration

We will see together the most complete configuration of the Echo, which is to say the case of a first device with activation in manual mode. Be aware that if you buy other Echos and have already configured at least one, your new device is pre configured by Amazon in your application. You just have to connect it to Wi-Fi…
When the moving orange halo is present, launch your Alexa application, and select Alexa devices “and” add an Alexa device. Then select the type of device you have purchased.
Let yourself be guided. Select your language, and then click on "Connect to Wi-Fi". This, therefore, means that it is not possible to make a configuration while being in 4G. Then confirm that the orange halo is present (select "Continue") then let the application search for your Echo. And there, in general, the automatic installation does not work. It is, therefore, necessary to do the manual method, the most complete, even if quite simple.
To do this, go to your phone's settings, at the wifi connections level and connect to the Amazon-XXX connection. There is no password to enter.
When the device has been prepared you will have a notification telling you that the network does not have internet access, it does not matter, cancel to stay on this network anyway. This is the trap of manual configuration. Do not return immediately to your Wi-Fi network. The configuration will continue and there, you will be asked to select the network with which your Echo will be permanently associated (enter your Wi-Fi key and "Connect").
The configuration finished, there is still a little something to do. After clicking on "Continue", you will have to choose how the sound from your Echo will be broadcast: Bluetooth, Audio cable or directly through the Echo (no speaker). I invite you to select no speaker because the rest is easily configurable when you need it.
Your device is called YOUR NAME - Echo by default. To make it easier to manage in case you have several Echo, I advise you to rename it. To do this, go to “Alexa devices”, select your Echo and at the top, you can “Change the name”.
And now, your Echo is configured, attached to your network and it has a name of its own. And all this in just 10 min… You can now converse with our dear Alexa, ask her whatever comes into your head. But that's another story…


Complete User Guide Instruction to Connect Alexa Echo to Wi Fi :

In order to setup & connect echo dot to wi fi first you need to make sure that you have amazon account. Then you need to download the alexa app for echo dot on your device whether it is mac, windows, android or apple iphone. Once you'll download the alexa app you need to install the alexa app. Then you need to login into amazon account. Before proceeding further make sure that the device that you are setting up echo dot has the wireless connection ability. Process further by selecting your devices which is echo dot. Once you'll select that you need to make sure that light on alexa is orange. If you see blue light, yellow light or red light on alexa you need to make it orange to make echo dot to setup mode.